Submitting Feature Requests (Ideas)

If you have an idea for making BlazeMeter even better, we would love to hear it.

Please read these two short tips for success before you start:

  1. Describe the business problem you want to solve. Instead of just describing a feature, please explain the challenges you face today and the "better way" you would like to be able to get your job done. We want to focus on solving the problem, not just adding a feature out of context.
  2. Vote and add comments to other people's requests if their idea would impact you. Our goal is to prioritize to build the most impactful features first and to make sure they deliver the benefits you are hoping for. Votes and comments speed the process along.

In this article:

Accessing the Ideas Portal

Start by clicking on the HELP CENTER tab and then clicking the Feature Requests button:

help sidebar

If you have a paid account with us, you'll be automatically signed in to our ideas portal where you can add a new idea, vote or comment on an existing idea and subscribe to track the progress of any idea as it makes its way through our roadmap. Free-tier users will see a simpler, "submit-only" interface.

Ideas Portal Main Page

Making Your Voice Heard

To get started, click the "Add a New Idea" button and start typing a summary of your idea:


Your Entry May Match an Existing Idea

The portal will look for similar ideas and present them to you to vote and add comments to, or you can create your own if there isn't a match.


Voting Up An Existing Idea

If you find an existing idea you can boost with a vote and a comment about your usage patterns and needs, please do so! This is why we chose this venue: it allows ideas to grow richer and more refined by allowing you to prioritize them and to paint a picture explaining how and why a change would impact your day-to-day work.


Following The Progress of Ideas

Want to know what each status means and how to influence the outcome? Read the related article: Tracking Your Feature Requests (Ideas)

Read on here to see how you can follow status changes:

Subscribe to "Follow" Any Idea

If you find an idea that interests you, whether or not you have commented on it, you can easily Subscribe to it. Think of this as "following" an idea as it's impacted by other customers, PM team comments and changes in status as it moves from idea to backlog to shipped feature:


Notifications for Subscribed Ideas

When you subscribe you'll get email notifications whenever someone else comments or the status changes.

Filtering Portal to Subscribed Ideas

You can filter the portalto view your subscriptions with one click:


Prioritize The Features You Care About Most

We want your ideas, votes and comments to drive our prioritization sessions and customer advisory events. To make that work, we need your votes and candid, detailed feedback about the ways BlazeMeter can evolve to make you successful.

We're starting the Ideas Portal out with 12 votes per user. You can use up to three of those votes on any one idea. When an idea is implemented, we'll put the votes back in your account. You can also remove a vote from an idea if you would rather allocate it to another.

You can comment on and subscribe to an unlimited number of ideas.

We hope you jump in and share your ideas, votes and comments with us and look forward to helping you be even more successful in our shared journey ahead.