API Authorization

API Key Authentication Using Basic Auth

To use BlazeMeter API without any dependence on a cookie or a token, be sure to pass your API Key as Basic Auth credentials. Our API key contains an ID (highlighted in green) and a Secret (highlighted in orange), for example:



Use them as Type Basic Auth in the corresponding fields:



Here's is what it will look like in Postman

For more information about how to find your API key, see the BlazeMeter API keys article.

Examples of using the API Key can be seen in any API request example in cURL and Python.

Here is a cURL example:

curl -X POST https://a.blazemeter.com:443/api/v4/tests/testID/start -H "Content-Type: application/json" --user 'f817e22f1526b048799f75da:7641251982b983cfd92b5a25fa97cd3ee9e21920f21d8b14cd705831826935723f3033f0'

Cookie Authentication

Cookie authentication is the basic authentication method with BlazeMeter. Authentication cookies are commonly used by web servers to know whether the user is logged in or not, and with which account they are logged in. When you log in to your BlazeMeter account, a cookie will be generated exclusively for your session. When BlazeMeter recognizes a valid session key in a subsequent request, it will authorize the user according to this existing session key without requesting the password again.