Get the Master ID

Once a test is started, you can access the real-time report for that test. Make note of the test's Master ID for later use . This ID will be used as a parameter in the API to identify a specific master of your BlazeMeter test.

You can find your 'Master ID' in the following ways:

  • From the UI: In the URL line of your BlazeMeter report.


  • From the API: In the API response as the id key (under result).

        "api_version": 4,
        "error": null,
        "result": {
            "id": 17398003,
            "name": "concurrency V4",
            "userId": 136992,
            "runnerUserId": 136992,
            "creatorClientId": "gui",
            "executorClientId": "api",
            "secondsPerLabelDoc": 60,
            "labelsCollectionSuffix": "_17_12",
            "locations": [
            "scenarios": [
            "isDebugRun": false,
            "created": 1521463502,
            "updated": 1521463503,
            "testId": 5974583,
            "projectId": 38828,
            "sessionsId": [