Sharing Test Results

Sharing API Test Results with Others

API test results can be viewed and shared privately with other members of your team. You can also share test results with people outside of your organization by changing an API test result from Private to Shareable.

Creating a Shareable API Test Result

You can share any test result URL by viewing a test result and changing the Private/Shareable toggle to Shareable. Once the test result has been set to Shareable, you can copy the URL and send it to people outside of your team, as well as people not signed in to BlazeMeter. The test result is able to be viewed in detail, but the test is not editable or capable of being re-run by people outside of your team.

How to share a API Monitoring test result URL

Note: The shareable test result URL is virtually impossible to guess. However, because it can be shared with people outside of your team and your bucket key is a part of the URL, be sure to only share it with people you trust.

Unsharing an API Test Result

An API test result can be made private at any time by signing in to your team, going to the shared test result URL, and changing the toggle from Shareable to Private. Team members will still be able to view and share the test result URL, but it will not be available to anyone else. You can only change the Private/Shareable status of test results that are owned by your team.

API Test Result Retention

Currently, only the last 100 Passed tests and 100 Failed tests are retained in history. Because of this, test results older than the latest 100 Passed or Failed will not show the full test step Request/Response/Connection details.