VictorOps Integration

VictorOps/Splunk On-Call is a real-time incident management platform that focuses on lifecycle management and collaboration for IT and DevOps teams.

Configure VictorOps Integration

  1. In VictorOps, enable the BlazeMeter API Monitoring Integration. Copy the VictorOps API Key to your clipboard.
  2. In your BlazeMeter API Monitoring account, select Connected Services.
  3. Select Connect VictorOps.
  4. On the Settings screen, enter the VictorOps API Key generated above.
  5. Enter a Routing Key (optional) if you would like to target a specific notification group.

Triggering and Resolving Incidents

When a connected VictorOps service is enabled, any API test runs that fail will trigger an incident and send the notifications defined in your VictorOps service settings. If you have enabled automatic resolution, the incident will be marked as resolved when any subsequent test run passes.

You can disconnect VictorOps at any time by disconnecting the service in your team's settings.

Configuring Alert Thresholds

You can wait to send VictorOps alerts after a certain number of consecutive failures by configuring your VictorOps integration settings from the Connected Services dashboard.