New Relic APM

Learn how to set up a New Relic APM integration with your BlazeMeter performance tests.

Restriction: This integration is only available for performance tests.


  • You have a New Relic account.

  • You are familiar with New Relic application performance monitoring.

  • You have generated a REST API key in New Relic.

  • You have configured one or more applications (entities) in New Relic.

For more information, see the New Relic documentation.


  1. Log in to your New Relic account and copy your New Relic REST API key.

  2. Log in to BlazeMeter and do one of the following:

    • Click Create Test and scroll down to the APM Integrations section.

    • Open an existing performance test, click the Configurations tab, and scroll down to the APM Integrations section.

  3. Click New Relic APM.

    New Relic APM integrations

  4. Fill in the following fields:

    Select which New Relic API key to use

    Select Create a new New Relic API Key.

    New Relic key title Type a name for your New Relic API key.
    New Relic API key Paste your New Relic REST API key.

    New Relic APM select API key

  5. Click Next.

  6. Under Build profile, select Applications.

  7. Select the required application.

    The key performance indicators appear automatically according to your New Relic application profile settings.

    New Relic APM select metrics

  8. Click Select Items and select the KPIs to include in the BlazeMeter Timeline Report.

    As you click each item, they are added to the list of items that will be included in the report.

  9. Click Next.

  10. Enter a new profile name, and click Save Profile.

    A profile is basically a preset that is kept for your following tests, so you do not have to choose all the different metrics every time you run a test.

    New Relic APM select profile

  11. Click Apply


Your application performance monitoring data will appear in the BlazeMeter Timeline Report as soon as you run your load test. You can now diagnose performance-related problems, apply fixes and start the cycle all over again.