SAML SSO Integration

BlazeMeter supports integration with Security Assertion Markup Language 2.0 (SAML 2.0), an XML-based protocol used by web browsers to allow for Single Sign-On (SSO), which enables a user to securely log in to multiple systems via a single portal and a single internal organization account.

A key advantage of SAML SSO is that users do not need to register new BlazeMeter accounts -- That’s one less login to remember! It also ensures that all members of your organization will be able to utilize BlazeMeter while your organization's own internal admin will manage who may log into it.

Step 1: Details You Send to BlazeMeter

In order to set up BlazeMeter to use SSO for your organization, please provide the following to BlazeMeter Support (either open a support ticket or email us directly at

  1. The Identity Provider (IdP) link for your SSO login.
  2. Metadata in valid XML format.
  3. Domain(s) used with your SSO.
  4. One of the following:
    • Your Account ID (if you want to require new users to contact your admin for access).
    • Your Workspace ID (if you want new users automatically assigned to a specific workspace by default).
  5. (Optional) Team ID if you want new users automatically added to a specific API Monitoring team by default.

There are two details to be aware of when sending us the above information:

  • We require user IDs to be in the format of “friendly” email addresses (as opposed to a UPN, for example).
  • When setting attributes up on your end, note that attributes will be treated in SSO as case-sensitive.

Step 2: Details BlazeMeter Sends to You

Once we receive the information listed above, we will generate and send you our own metadata file (in XML format) which will contain the remaining details needed to complete the integration on your end.