Comparing Reports

You can compare test reports to each other and examine any differences in reported results. In BlazeMeter, test reports for two different tests or two executions of the same test can be compared.

Set Up the Comparison

Follow these steps:

  1. Open one of the reports that you want to compare and click the button to the right of the test report name to open a sub-menu.
  2. Click the Compare Report option.
    compare report

    Note: You can also compare a report to a baseline. For more information, see Baseline Comparison.
    The Add Test Runs to Compare prompt window appears with the selected report.

  3. Select the project, the test and the test runs to compare.
    test run comparison

    Note: You can compare up to 10 test runs. Each time a new test report is added for tests that share a common name, all of the previous selected tests will appear in the Select test runs to compare field.

  4. Click Compare.

You will be taken back to the Test Runs Comparison view, where you can see both tests:

test runs comparison

The view will immediately populate with data from both reports, each represented by a different color line in each graph.

response time comparison

You can see graphs for Response time, users, latency, bandwidth, hits per second, errors per second and 90th percentile.

Filter by Labels

If you want finer control over what report data is included in the comparison, you can use the Select Labels drop-down list to filter results based on the label names that you included in your test script. The default selection is ALL, meaning all labels or all report data.

select labels

Adjust Resolution

You have the option to configure the graphs to measure by minutes or seconds using the Resolution drop-down menu:


Export Graphs

You can export each graph individually to one of several formats by clicking the arrow icon in the top-right corner of the graph: