How to Allowlist BlazeMeter Behind my Firewall

In order to fully utilize BlazeMeter from behind your firewall, you may need to allowlist some addresses in order to prevent connection issues. What you need to allowlist depends on what you're trying to do, so this article serves as a master guide to point you in whichever direction you need to go.

BlazeMeter URLs

BlazeMeter's own URLs are not associated with static IP addresses; rather, our IPs change periodically.  That means if you need to allowlist our URLs, you must allowlist by URL instead of by IP address.

Our URLs include:


BlazeMeter Engines

BlazeMeter cloud engines can be allowlisted using the IP ranges of our engine providers.  Check out our guide Allowlisting BlazeMeter Engines for full details.

If you'd like an alternative to allowlisting the IP ranges of our public engines, then check out our blog article Top 3 Options for Running Performance Tests Behind Your Corporate Firewall.

BlazeMeter API Monitoring URLs

Due to the elastic nature of BlazeMeter API Monitoring infrastructure, we do not publish lists of IP addresses for allowlists. However, between the regions used and depending on the load, you could see a wide variety of source IPs at any given time. Also see API Monitoring: IP Addresses & Allowlisting for more information.

Private Locations

If you elect to setup your own Private Locations -- what we call on-premise agents or engines that you setup yourself -- you'll need to know everything that must be allowlisted to allow Private Locations to function, all of which is detailed in our Private Locations System Requirements guide.