Global Locations

Manage your API Monitoring and Testing Locations

Locations allow you to monitor your APIs from multiple sources around the globe or from an agent running within your infrastructure. When enabled for a test environment or shared environment, each test run using that environment's configured locations (scheduled or otherwise) will be initiated from all of the selected locations simultaneously.

Map of API Monitoring Service Regions

Select Test Locations

Select Location to pick which regions and agents to run your tests from when using the selected environment. You can also configure locations using shared environment locations.

Follow these steps:

  1. Log in to BlazeMeter and navigate to the API Monitoring tab.
  2. Click Tests.
  3. Click a test name.
  4. Click Edit Test.
  5. Expand Test Settings.
  6. Click Locations.
  7. Toggle the locations on and off as needed.

Click Save or Save & Run if you want to run the test.

How to enable locations in the environments settings.

Tests can be run from any of the BlazeMeter API Monitoring service regions:

Location Provider Region Code
US Virginia Google Cloud us1
US California Google Cloud us2
US Illinois Rackspace us3
US Texas Rackspace us4
US Oregon Google Cloud us5
Ireland Amazon Web Services eu1
Germany (Frankfurt) Google Cloud eu2
Australia (Sydney) Google Cloud au1
Singapore Google Cloud sg1
Hong Kong Google Cloud hk1
Japan (Tokyo) Google Cloud jp1
Brazil (São Paulo) Google Cloud br1
India (Mumbai) Google Cloud in1
US Ohio Amazon Web Services us6
Canada (Montreal) Google Cloud ca1
London Google Cloud eu3
US Iowa (us-central1) Google Cloud gc1
Finland (europe-north1) Google Cloud gcpeu3
US South Carolina (us-east1) Google Cloud gcpus8

On a free plan, only the following locations are available: US California, Hong Kong, Japan, Brazil, India, US Iowa, Finland, and US South Carolina.

Radar Agents

The Radar Agent lets you run your tests from agents running within your infrastructure. When an agent is connected, it will appear in the list of available locations along with the default BlazeMeter API Monitoring locations.

Shared Environment Locations

Locations can be enabled for all environments that inherit from a Shared Environment, you can edit these by going to the API Test page and selecting Shared Environments.