Why Did My Performance Test Return a HTTP 500 Code?


When executing your JMeter test script via BlazeMeter, the test encounters a number of HTTP 500 errors in response to some of your samplers, which will appear under the Errors tab of your report.


The HTTP server response 500 means "internal server error". This is a generic code that requires investigating in your application server itself to troubleshoot. On the BlazeMeter side, your server does not send us any additional information by which to know why it sent a 500 code.


This error code usually does not point to a problem with BlazeMeter, but to a scripting problem. We recommend investigating this problem in two ways:

  1. Ensure your script can run in your local JMeter environment before running itthrough BlazeMeter.
  2. Investigate your application server, starting with your application server's logs, to see why your server returned 500 codes during the time frame of the test.