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BlazeMeter provides Performance testing, Functional testing, API testing, API monitoring, test data management, and Service Virtualization for web apps.

Getting Started

Getting Started

Get to know the complete continuous testing platform that brings teams together with shared visibility, tests, and reports.

functional testing

Functional testing

Test your GUI's functionality via Selenium on the cloud even without writing any code—by creating a "scriptless" test.

performance testing

Performance testing

Get massive-scale load and performance testing directly from your IDE. Plus, see what your user sees under load with combined UX & load testing.

Service Virtualization

Service Virtualization

Don’t let environment constraints impact your velocity: Integrated mock services are simple to create, use, and share.

API Monitoring

API Monitoring

API Monitoring helps you evaluate the performance of your API from the API consumer point of view, as well as the API's uptime and correctness.


Private Locations

Bring your testing and mock service capabilities within a controlled environment.

test data

Test Data

Create, manage, and use synthetic test data on the fly. Provide consistent test data to both tests and their mock services.

Chrome extension

Chrome Extension

Record, upload, and run test scripts for your web applications. We support JMX, JSON, or YML files, for JMeter, Taurus, and Selenium.