The BlazeMeter Chrome Extension: Record JMeter, Selenium, or Synchronized JMeter and Selenium

The BlazeMeter Chrome Extension is a free tool that enables you to Record, Upload, and Run test scripts for your web applications. The Chrome Extension supports recording JMX, JSON or YML files, for running in JMeter, Taurus or BlazeMeter, as well as both JMeter and Selenium scripts, automatically and simultaneously.

Running Your JMeter and Selenium Script in BlazeMeter

The BlazeMeter Chrome extension records all HTTP/S requests that your browser sends while you interact with your web application. From the recording, it creates a JMeter or Selenium script and uploads it to BlazeMeter, where you can browse scripts and execute them with a single click.

Using the BlazeMeter extension means you can run JMeter and Selenium scripts without even having these tools installed! No need to install JMeter or Selenium to record or run a performance test, the BlazeMeter Chrome extension creates the script on its own.

Running Your JMeter and Selenium Script Locally

Alternatively, if you have JMeter installed, you can always convert your recording into a JMeter JMX file or Taurus YAML file, then edit or run it via your browser or on your local computer.

Note: The extension needs to be able to communicate with in order for the recording to be converted into a script.

Using the BlazeMeter Chrome Extension

  1. Install the BlazeMeter Chrome Extension.
  2. Record your actions, then play them back as a script.
    For more information, see Google Chrome Extension - Record.


  1. Q: Do I need to pay to use the extension?
    A: The BlazeMeter Chrome Extension is free to use for as long as you like.

  2. Q: Do I need a BlazeMeter account to use the extension?
    A: A BlazeMeter account is required to convert the recording into a JMeter script (.jmx) file because this process is performed on the server side. Any BlazeMeter account (free or paid) will suffice. Signing up for BlazeMeter is super fast and doesn’t require any sort of commitment or credit card.

  3. Q: How does the recorded script handle cookies?
    A: The script will use cookie values from the original recording, though any new cookie values passed back by the server will override the values used in the original recording. (You can disable this behavior in the advanced settings.)

  4. Q: What is the minimum version of Chrome that is required?
    A: Version 58 if you want to use all the features (e.g. recording transactions)

  5. Q: How does the recorder handle Web Components, such as Salesforce Lightning Web Components?
    A: The BlazeMeter Chrome Extension supports recording web applications that contain Web Components. Shadow Roots encapsulate the internals of your Web Components out of reach of standard JavaScript selectors. However, the Chrome Recorder's ShadowRoot selector type is able to find elements inside Web Components, and the Recorder can detect and record test actions (such as type or click) across Shadow Root boundaries.
    Note: When you are recording a Salesforce Lightning app with synthetic Shadow DOMs, slots are not supported; the Recorder records and replays the test normally, but replay fails later in Taurus

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