Private Locations

Private locations are the on-premise solution when you need to test applications or create Mock Services behind a firewall. To learn more about the off-premise architecture, see Cloud vs Private Location.

With this service, you do not need to make incoming requests. You only install our agent on your on-premise servers. The agent gives your servers a "heartbeat" by sending outgoing requests to BlazeMeter to check if any tests started for the Private location. If any test started, BlazeMeter responds with instructions for these servers. Your load generators then send traffic to your application while sending data back to BlazeMeter, so you have full access to our real-time reporting.

Private locations are self-service machines and require you to maintain and upkeep them on a regular basis.

  • Private Location is your on-premise environment, formerly known as a 'harbor'.
  • Agent - any server on which you install our agent is an agent within a Private location. These are your load generators. Formerly known as a 'ship'.

Permission Error Message

Depending on what type of BlazeMeter plan you are subscribed to, when you create a new Private Location, you may encounter the error "You don't have the permission to create a private location in this workspace. Please contact your account admin to enable this feature".

  • If you are not the account administrator or workspace manager, contact your account administrator or workspace manager to get permission to create a Private location.
  • If you are the account administrator or workspace manager, this message means that your current subscription plan does not include the Private Locations feature that is limited to enterprise customers. To enable the feature, contact BlazeMeter Support or your account manager.

Create a Private Location

Once you have the Private Location feature available, you can begin the installation of your first Private location. For more information, see Private Location System Requirements.