Layer7 API Management Integration

Layer7 API Management (formerly known as CA API Management) is an API Management solution that allows you to create, secure, deliver and manage the full lifecycle of APIs and microservices at scale. It includes tools for API creation, management, gateway, security, and analytics.

By connecting Layer7 API Management with BlazeMeter API Monitoring, you can import any API or microservices endpoints from your Layer7 API Gateway in seconds and start monitoring your systems, collecting API data, and transforming them into actionable insights.

The Layer7 API Management integration requires a qualifying plan. Contact Sales to get started.


In this article:

Install the API Test Toolkit for Layer7 API Gateway

Follow these steps:

  1. Install the API Test Toolkit for the Layer7 API Gateway. You can download the toolkit (.sskar) file here.
  2. Log in to your Policy Manager and navigate to Tasks, Extensions and Add-Ons, Manage Solution Kits.
    CA API Gateway showing the Policy Manager navigation menu
  3. In the Manage Solution Kit dialog, click Install.
    CA API Gateway showing the Manage Solution Kit dialog option
  4. Select the API Test Toolkit .sskar file and click Next.
    CA API Gateway with the windows for selecting a .sskar file
  5. Follow the next steps in the wizard.
    CA API Gateway solution kit installation wizard overview of step 2
    CA API Gateway solution kit installation wizard overview of the final step

Import API Management Endpoints into BlazeMeter API Monitoring

Follow these steps:

  1. In your BlazeMeter API Monitoring account, go to a bucket's dashboard and select Import Test at the bottom.
    API Monitoring bucket dashboard view highlighting the Import Test button at the bottom of the page
  2. Select CA API Gateway from the list and click Connect API Gateway Account.
    API Monitoring import view with the CA API Gateway option selected and highlighting the button to continue the import process

Connect Your Layer7 API Gateway Account

Fill in the fields with your CA API Gateway URL, username and password, and select Connect Account.

API Monitoring CA API Gateway connection page, showing the fields necessary for the integration: CA API Gateway URL, username, and password

Select Endpoints and Folders

After successfully connecting to your CA API Gateway URL, you should see a list of all available folders and endpoints.

You can select a folder to import all endpoints inside it, or expand each folder to select individual endpoints. After you finish selecting the folders/endpoints you want to import, select Import Selected Tests:

API Monitoring CA API Gateway import, showing the folder/endpoint selector screen, with multiple folders selected

If the import was successful, you should see a list of all the tests that were created inside of BlazeMeter API Monitoring:

API Monitoring CA API Gateway import success page, showing the same folders that were selected in the previous image as succesfully imported, and linking to their API Monitoring tests

The tests follow the same naming convention as the Layer7 API Gateway folders. Folders that contain more than 50 endpoints are split into multiple tests (for example, AuthorizationServer has 120 endpoints, it'll be split into AuthorizationServer 1 and 2 with 50 endpoints each, and AuthorizationServer 3 with the remaining 20 endpoints).

Clicking one of the test on the list will take you directly to that test's editor screen:

API Monitoring test editor, highlighting one of the tests imported from the previous steps

The next steps would be to create additional assertions for each test to validate their data, and set them on a schedule. Click here for more information on next steps.

Having trouble configuring the Layer7 API Management integration? Contact our support team.