Run BlazeMeter Tests from GitLab CI/CD

Learn how to create and run BlazeMeter tests from GitLab CI/CD.

In this integration. GitLab Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (GitLab CI/CD) jobs are executed within Docker containers through the utilization of the GitLab framework. By design, GitLab CI/CD relies on runners on which jobs get executed inside Docker containers. A BlazeMeter Docker image was developed for this integration that performs various functions, including but not limited to, creating a test, running an existing test, updating the test files of an existing test, and so on.

For the full list of BlazeMeter-related functions performed by the Docker image, see GitLab Docker Image and BlazeMeter-related Functions.

Create a Job

This section details the steps involved in creating a simple job in GitLab CI/CD.

  1. Log in to your GitLab CI/CD account.

  2. Click New Project.

  3. Create a project as shown below.

  4. Create a .gitlab-ci.yml file.

  5. GitLab CI/CD uses a .gitlab-ci.yml file where you define the following:

    • The structure and order of jobs for the runner to execute.

    • The actions for the runner to take when encountering specific conditions.

    • Here is an example of a .gitlab-ci.yml file that prints a bunch of statements to the console:

  6. To save your changes, click Commit.

You can now run the jobs in your pipeline by navigating to CI/CD >> Pipelines and clicking Run Pipeline.


Next, create a BlazeMeter test and use BlazeMeter functions in the .gitlab-ci.yml file. For more information, continue reading about GitLab Docker Image and BlazeMeter-related Functions. For a reference of the variables used, see GitLab Docker Image and BlazeMeter-related Variables.