Shiftleft Converter - Changelog



  • Fixed an issue regarding runtype declaration in the config files. We were expecting runtype to always be declared, but we have seen some cases where it is not. Now we handle both cases properly.

  • Updated Blazemeter-Converter to include security fixes.



  • Added support for stricmp function.

  • Time parameters with T character were not properly being converted. We now add quotes to 'T' character.

  • web_rest command was not adding parameters in the request bod, now it is properly converting to parameters.

  • Parameters and custom CSV loaders are now ignoring follow pointer of a previously declared CSV file.

  • Updated implementation and fixed groovy exception thrown at runtime for lr_save_datetime, now supports + DAY, HOUR logic.

  • Variables in web_add_cookie were being converted to JMeter cookie, now this is properly being converted.

  • Fixed issue when parameter name was declared in lowercase such as 'paramname=' in web_reg_save_param_ex.

  • Fixed an issue with variables in web_submit_data url parameter conversion.

  • Fixed issue with pointer and memset being declared and used in the same line.


  • Add support for the following functions:

    • Switch window.

    • Alternative steps.

  • Now ignoring conversion of disabled truclient commands.

  • Fixed edge case where there is no space in the variable declaration.


  • Fixed truclient batch statistics upload in the dashboard. Before the percentages would always show 100%, which only happened on Truclient batch scripts.



  • Fixed Java implementation.

    • Only supports web_url.

    • Doesn't count towards monthly conversion quota.

  • Added logic to rollback on monthly quota usage if there is a backend issue with conversion.


  • Fixed truclient batch statistics upload in the dashboard. Before the percentages would always show 100%, which only happened on Truclient batch scripts.



  • Fixed data loss issue being represented as cmd_not_parsed_detail.

  • Fixed utils.clearCookies invocation when invoked using script eval.



  • Added script that generates monthly reports automatically.

  • Fixed an issue causing conversion to completely fail when handling unsupported functions in Truclient.

  • Added support for Truclient double click.

  • Added support for Truclient scroll.


  • Removed the 'something went wrong' message displayed when there was no data to show.

  • Now properly handles expired cookie sessions and removes infinite loading when it is present.


Hotfix for issues with release 2.50.

  • Added dependency of pytz.

It also includes changes for v2.50



  • Fixed issues with web convert param groovy script. Needed to be updated to include encode library and quotations for variable creation.

  • Fixed variable parsing for web_submit_form and added a test for an edge case.

  • Fixed if2 issue where wait_for is not found as a command.



  • Added support for lr_whoami function.

  • Added support lr_whoami function.

  • Added conversion limitation for users.

  • Removed firebase dependency that was unused.

  • Fixed filtering by email and domain in the dashboard that was not displaying anything.

  • Fixed error when conversion folder existed before converting.

  • Now importing webapp script start_webapp is used. This prevents unexpected errors from happening.

  • Minor fixes to dashboard visual issues.

    • Scripts table not displaying email, upload, and conversion links.

    • getContext() issues being displayed to console.

    • CSS classes not found issues.


  • Added support for ´For loop´.

  • Added support for if2 conditions.

  • Update default concurrency and hold for in truclient scripts.
  • Fix nested issues with if2 and XPath selectors that were hardcoded.

  • Fix wait-for indentation and newline issues with YAML generation.



  • Applied a dashboard API refactor, and optimized user retrieval by including assigned accounts in one query and vice versa.

  • Added conversion support for web_reg_async_attributes and web_stop_async.

  • Fixed an issue when web_cleanup_cookies and web_cache_cleanup are invoked before a request. Before we generated a jsr223 sampler, now we force them as pre-processor of the first request.

  • Updated conversion of web_reg_save_param_ex when the parameter scope=all is present. The previous conversion of this function was only applied to parent requests. Now it is applied to all child requests.


  • Fixed an issue where Truclient logic blocks were not being marked as unsupported.

  • Fixed an issue with if2 functions were not properly converted. Now, the structure and body are converted but complex conditions are not yet supported.

  • Changed Selenium structure to use labels and modified conversion of navigating to use the go command.

  • Applied a Selenium and Apiritif installer suppression for faster cloud and on-prem conversions.

  • Applied a workaround for Taurus executor output files, which are left in a locked state on a Windows machine.

  • Fixed an exception being logged for not declared variable, which happened on some truclient scripts (didn't impact conversion, but an exception was visible in the on-prem console).

  • Fixed an issue where additional c files were converted into scenarios, preventing the immediate execution of truclient scripts in BlazeMeter.



  • Fixed issue where 99% edge case without unsupported functions listed. The issue was a function declaration with parameters defined in multiple lines were being marked as not converted, even though they were.

  • Fixed issue with web_cleanup_cookie. There was an issue where each subsequent call to getCookieManager().clear() would return null and cause groovy errors. We now simply overwrite cookies with an empty array to avoid this issue.

  • Fixed issues with web_reg_save_param_ex.

    • There were / characters that were causing an invalid groovy regex. We now properly escape those characters.

    • There was an issue when declaring variable names without quotations. This issue has been fixed.


  • Fixed key error when accessing "profile actions name" (with quotes).

  • Fixed issues with transactions that were causing an out-of-bounds exception, which gave a generic error to the user.

  • Updated selectors to new Taurus commands. Before, we used selectors similar to waitByX, and those are now being converted to waitForByX

  • Fixed frontend display of conversion percentage.

  • Fixed an issue with the Type command. We were adding quotes to the sent text, which caused the actual text to contain quotes.


  • Made adjustments to properly handle file deletion when running on Windows

  • File upload has been changed to use internal API. Currently, scripts under 30MB will be uploaded to the app engine, and larger scripts will upload directly to the GCP bucket. There is a limitation on the app engine, which allows a max of 32MB per request size.


Hotfix changes

Hotfix for recent changes in the Werkzeug library. More info on the deprecated python version and changes regarding this library can be found in their changelog:



  • Added download, uploaded and converted script link to the dashboard.

  • Changed manual work distribution graph to script size to conversion relation.

  • Added refresh to script size to conversion relation; sometimes previously loaded data would be displayed (previously manual work distribution).

  • Added filtering to account viewers to display allowed data. Now a dashboard user can be assigned accounts and will only be able to view the assigned data.

  • Added email field and script size to PS scripts table.

  • Changed authentication to use bzm_sess cookie and check for allowlisted emails.



  • Implemented automated UI tests for the dashboard.

  • Standardized the terms used in the dashboard to avoid potential confusion and use more representative names.

  • Unified the Conversions and Conversion averages graphs in the General view.

  • Removed general view from the dashboard

  • Removed buttons from the unsupported functions table.

  • 'Show all' button is now disabled when there is no filter applied.

  • Removed KPI slider and renamed column to manual effort in script table.

  • Added redirect from http to https when accessing the dashboard.

  • Added General filters to the PS section. Now it's possible to filter only by date and the domain is not a hard requirement.

  • Added tooltips for each field giving a brief explanation of its purpose or how it's calculated.

  • Removed manual work field from general statistics squares below conversions timeline.

  • Added info icon to every field that has a tooltip.

  • Added a clear button to the filter bar.

  • Fixed conversion % order in the scripts table. Now it is properly ordered by integer size; before it was ordered by string.

  • Updated converter cosmetics to use the Perforce logo and colors.

  • Updated email header to use the Perforce logo.

  • Updated Taurus to use the last log4j patch and avoid potential vulnerability risks.

  • Updated Google tracking and analytics tool on shift-left converter page.




  • Added support for custom functions with nested invocations in parameters. Custom functions that invoke c functions and custom functions or binary operations such as some_custom_function(5+another_func()).

  • Added support to mutable parameters for custom functions. Now pointers in parameters are properly converted, and values are overwritten in the after-function invocation groovy.


  • Started using batect to handle the local compilation of source code and to execute tests in order to get the same behavior in Unix and Windows systems.




  • Expanded custom functions to properly handle variable or parameter names in functions with the same variable name as the outer scope.

  • Now generating a JSR223 script to back up variables and fix issues related to the previous implementation.

  • Added logic to properly handle custom functions with short circuit logic or early return. Now we evaluate a returned variable before invoking function logic.

  • Fixed issues for TruClient scripts; we are now properly handling unsupported actions that caused issues while generating the Selenium file.




  • Extended support for web_reg_save_param_ex; now it's properly handling requestUrl as a parameter. IgnoreRedirections is being ignored since behavior is applied by default to JMeter.

  • Extended support for web_reg_save_param, now converting parameter Convert to encode/decode URL values.

  • Support for basic custom functions logic:

    • CF: Invocation that has no return and no parameters.

    • CF: Invocation with return statement and no parameters.

    • CF: Invocation with immutable parameter.




  • Users can now be given access to this repo by creating a service account and sending them a credentials.json file. They can use docker login using the given file as a password.

  • Created a document explaining how to reduce loadrunner script size, where we identify a few folders and files generated at runtime.

  • Added support for conversion of lr_save_var.

  • Refactored code used to process escaped characters to avoid code duplication and easier maintenance.

  • Now preprocesses multiline string before running actual conversion to avoid unnecessary loops while parsing script.

  • Modifications were made to database and dashboard stats calculation; now they use the same conversion percentage calculation in the dashboard as in the UI (using sentences).

  • When there is a parsing failure due to a user error in the script, now shows a warning or indicator to the user.

  • When the parser fails, now generates a log with an exception and stores it in summary.




  • Added logic to detect recursive calls and mark a function as not supported. Now all recursive invocations are marked as not supported. This is done due to logic from Taurus. In Taurus when an include-scenario is called, Taurus simply pastes the code of the scenario. In recursive functions this is an infinite loop and ends up crashing.

  • Now checks if an empty scenario is invoked. If the scenario is empty, it is simply ignored and marked as supported.

  • Added support for strncat.

  • Added support for lr_advance_param; this implementation also includes changes to the way parameters are converted.

  • Now ignores web_set_sockets_option SHUTDOWN_MODE. JMeter doesn't allow setting the shutdown mode for sockets.

  • Unified frontend technologies to only use vue.js. This should not have an impact on UI, only some minor changes to aesthetics of the frontend.

  • Now it is not necessary for the input script to include the [ExtraFiles] tag in the .usr file. This is missing in some scripts that are generated in older vugen versions.

  • Added support for lr_decrypt; this uses the same implementation as lr_unmask.




  • Added implementation of lr_free_parameter.

  • Improved lr_save_param_regexp handling of escaped quotes, and also fixed escaped quotes generating \ on variable declaration.

  • Removed unnecessary jsr elements that were added to samplers when IGNORE_PREMATURE_SHUTDOWN was set. Now it is only added to http samplers.

  • Fixed a particular issue when log was being added inside an else statement in a complex transaction. The log was added outside of the if statements, now they are added to the correct location.




  • Improved message provided to users to differentiate notification and critical messages(eg. lr_vuser_data_point will use new information message changes).

  • Modified support of parallel controllers conversion. We now modify generated modified_requests.jmx to properly execute parallel executions.

  • Fixed issue with web_reg_save_param_regexp, where the requestUrl parameter was not being converted properly. This is now being converted into a groovy script and regex is applied to all specified URLs.

  • Added support to variable parameters in lr_think_time.

Developer Note
This is a re-release of version 2.38, we had to release a hotfix (with no code changes) due to a failure on deployment and a protected on-prem file.




  • Improved message provided to users to differentiate notification and critical messages(eg. lr_vuser_data_point will use new information message changes).

  • Modified support of parallel controllers conversion. We now modify generated modified_requests.jmx to properly execute parallel executions.

  • Fixed issue with web_reg_save_param_regexp, where the requestUrl parameter was not being converted properly. This is now being converted into a groovy script and regex is applied to all specified URLs.

  • Added support to variable parameters in lr_think_time.



  • Added support for custom delimiter definitions.

  • Added support for conversions of lr_unmask.

  • Added support for conversions of atof.

  • web_cache_cleanup and web_cleanup_cookies are now being converted to groovy scripts, where before they simply disabled cookies/cache by removing managers.

  • Added support for conversions of lr_save_param_regexp.



  • Added support for conversions of lr_set_transaction_status.

  • Added support for conversions of memset.

  • Added support for conversions of lr_paramarr_random.

  • Now ignores & operator when used in function parameter.

  • Fixed issue when web_reg_save_param_regexp was used with regexp= inside parameter which was generating regex extractor with Regex= in final regex.



  • Before, extrares were being converted into simple controllers. Extrares are now added as a postprocessor so that it applies regex extractors and any post-processing applied to the parent sampler.

  • Correlation files (.cor) are now supported as a conversion. Currently, we support the conversion of boundary extractors, with no manipulation to the actual regex (eg. ignore case). If any manipulation is done, they will be handled as simple boundary extractors. The generated files are described within the readme of the conversion.

    • JMX - Converted correlations preloaded into a JMX so the user can easily start recording with the rules.

    • Template folder - The user can use this folder to import converted rules into an existing JMX project.

  • Support was added for input files such as .usz and .cor without zipping.

  • Fixed issue when transaction open/closure logic is complex, there is additional logic between open/close transactions (we convert these to groovy), and it has no parent transaction. Before they were added after all other transactions were closed, which was incorrect as requests and any other logins inside the transaction would also be added out of order. Now they are properly converted into the correct order.


  • Tested converted scripts and validated that they were properly executed in BlazeMeter.




  • Extended support and fixed an issue for web_reg_find.

    • Added logic to support body and headers when search field has value all.

    • Fixed issues where the template wasn't being converted to the correct value when creating a jsr223 assertion.

  • Extended support to properly handle groovy transactions for lr_fail_trans_with_error.

  • Fixed issue when web_concurrent_end was invoked without invoking start was being marked as not supported. They are now converted to a YAML comment and marked as supported in statistics.

  • Extended support and fixes for array references and declaration:

    • Added support to the assignment of value at a specific position. (e.g. num[0] = rand() % 100)

    • Fixed references with array declaration when the index uses a variable (e.g var[i]= varx[i])

  • Removed comments conversion.

    • Now uses cpp compiler to properly remove any user-defined comments. This was done to fix issues with comments invoked in parameters of functions. (e.g. web_url("url=", // comment causes issues).

    • Comments were causing a huge section for the script. After removing the comment conversion logic, the issue was resolved.

  • Reworked transaction logic to handle nested transactions, closing transactions at different levels and closing at different orders.

    • There were several scripts where the order of actions was being added in a different order than declared in the original script. This was due to improper handling of active transactions. Before we simply tracked currently open transactions, now we keep track of all open and closed transactions. Additionally, we generate groovy transactions when logic is not applicable in JMeter (such as closing transactions at different structure levels).

  • Fixed issues where jr223 elements were being added in an incorrect request due to special cases like lr_exit, calling an action, etc.

  • Fixed issues where strlen, lr_get_vuser_ip, and empty statements were being marked as unsupported. As well as some escape codes.

  • Fixed issue with lr_xml_get_values that wasn't being converted for edge cases.

  • Fixed web_reg_save_param.

  • Added support to variables declared in default.cfg

  • Fixed issue with headers not being converted on some occasions. Headers were ignored when the HEADERS attribute was declared. Also fixed issues where Enc-Type was not being properly handled and simply set header to raw value.




  • Converted lr_paramarr_len in order to allow requesting the length of a collection.

  • Converted isdigit in order to verify when a character is a digit.

  • Converted lr_user_data_point which enables saving the state of a variable over time.

  • Converted switch statement in order to provide support for complex logics.

  • Converted for and, fix while and do while statements.

  • Converted web_remove_cookie and fix web_add_cookie.

  • Converted strstr which returns the first occurrence of one string in another.

  • Added support for access to a determined collection index.

  • Converted strncpy to enable copy of n chars of a given string.

  • Fixed conversions of already supported functions (sizeof, rand, web_get_int_property).

  • Converted strtok enabling splitting a string with given delimiters.

  • Fixed integer as condition clause. Some CBA scripts use as if condition the raw result of the function strncmp.

  • Converted lr_fail_trans_with_error which caused all open transactions with LR_AUTO status to fail.

  • Added proper initialize variables used by lr_get_attrib methods.


  • Fixed cast conversion. Casts like (char *) strtok(str, del); were not marked as supported scenarios.




  • Converted lr_start_timer and lr_end_timer. Jrs223 was added in order to store the related variables and make the necessary calculations.

  • Converted web_set_sockets_option MAX_CONNECTIONS_PER_HOST & LOAD_VERIFY_FILE options.

  • Converted sizeof. Jrs223 was added in order to calculate the length of arrays declared on C scripts.

  • Improved variables assignments and calculations. Operations like: + / - * are supported alongside multiple assignments characteristic of C.

  • Converted lr_set_transaction. Jrs223 was added in order to set the transaction status.

  • Supported and unsupported recognition capability improved.

  • Fixed strcmp conversion and implemented conversion of strncmp.

  • Fixed statistics & conversion inconsistencies.


  • Improvements in statistical calculations and conversion percentage.

  • General improvements:

    1. Simplified Taurus YML.

    2. LoadRunner constants are now parsed to JMeter.

    3. Added proper handling of __eval usage and quotes to avoid unnecessary quotes in labels and other JMeter properties.

    4. Added usage of getObject in assignment instead of just get to keep the type of the parameter.

    5. Discontinued use of args in groovy scripts which may cause unexpected behavior due to args splitting by spaces.

    6. Avoided double quote strings and use of single quote strings in groovy scripts to avoid groovy string interpolation failures.

    7. Set compile-cache to false for all JSR223 elements to properly support using JMeter variable references in them and avoid issues in iterations.

    8. Now avoiding missing jsr223 scripts when they are not directly associated with a request, and fixed issues of jsr223 scripts misplacement when using ifs.




  • #define, #ifndef, #endif are now marked as supported and #define with constant declaration was converted to a JMeter variable.

  • Modified printf and fix sprintf to properly handle numeric and string parameters.

  • Converted web_set_sockets_option INITIAL_AUTH option.


  • You can now generate easily mappable statistics when running batch conversions by setting the -e flag.




  • Converted srand & rand functions.

  • Converted fopen, fprintf, fclose.


  • Support was added for the optional parameter ExpectedResponse in soap_request conversion and fixed soap assertion according to LoadRunner behavior.

  • Fixed issue while processing TruClient scripts that failed due to unsupported issues, introduced during unparse logic statistic changes.

  • Support was added for char arrays (strings) variable declarations and assignments.

  • You can now use atoi in binary operator (*, %, etc) expressions.

  • Simplified file generated for unparsed sentences tracking for easier reading.

  • Fixed issue while counting unparsed sentences.


  • Created debug document for On-Prem users to help resolve issues or to identify cause of issues. This document was suggested by Jacob due to customer having issues using the converter. 

  • If Jenkins fails in the deployment or after smoke test is ran, all changes are rolled back to previous version.

  • Added functional tests for HAR converter to validate stability of the feature. 
  • Added support to the first RTE command, TE_connect, this includes functional tests. Currently RTE is not functional as this function isn't a request, more functions for RTE will be supported in future releases.

  • Now, using CDN to route traffic to https. These changes should help reduce costs for the converter.


Brain & Dashboard changes:


  • The On-Premise converter now supports converting HAR files (and all formats supported by in the batch conversion and through Webapp. Related BUG tickets  and Enhancements were requested by customers.
  • On premise converter now detects custom domain for backend communication, which allows to deploy the on premise converter on a server and access it from different machines (not just localhost). Related defect, enhancement was requested by customers

Dashboard changes


  • Overall dashboard is now faster due to improvements on authentication mechanism and migration of database engine. Related defect ticket and enhancement was requested by customer success due to changes in performance since migration from AWS to GCP.
  • Uploading batch statistics will now be processed faster due to statistics being processed by frontend (no need to contact backend service). Related Defects and Enhancement was suggested by internal team to improve performance and simplify code/maintenance.


Brain changes:


  • Added support for single HAR conversion for On-Prem users. 
  • Extended Taurus to generate JMX based on RTE. This release injects the custom code into Taurus.
  • Updated Taurus version to 1.13.8
  • Added automated functional tests for function lr_vuser_status
  • Added complete end to end automated test for generated docker image.

V.2.1.0. Dashboard, Brain Changes

Dashboard changes:


  • Added support for account registration and filtering in dashboard.
  • Added email addresses to be notified when a particular account does a conversion.


  • Fix batch statistics file import due to un-migrated logic when migrating between Cloud providers
  • Fixed inconsistency with percentages and simulated functions.

Brain changes:


  • Remove absolute log paths from selenium scripts when converting TruClient scripts. Customer reported this issue. 
  • Reworked implementation of web_reg_save_param_ex to properly handle regex extractor for body, header and cookie combined. Solves issues for client mentioned in ticket.
  • Increased On-Prem upload size limit to 100mb. This will affect all On-Prem users.

On-Prem changes:


  • Migrate tomcat to python webapp. This allows us to trim more than 200mb on the docker image and will affect any On-Prem user.


  • Add missing dashboard user, and setting project when cleaning
  • Fix On-Premise production release bucket name
  • Fix On-Prem download link pointing to incorrect path for SoapUI and LoadRunner scripts.



  • Migration of converter new Cloud provider
  • Simplified the infrastructure of the project.
  • Simplified and made API consistent and following RESTful conventions.
  • Simplified database structure easing maintenance and improving performance.
  • Reduced the number of languages to reduce complexity of the project and ease maintenance.
    • All nodejs scripts have been unified in a python script
  • Unified, refactored and simplified frontend code to ease maintenance.
  • Unified repositories into one and automated deployment of entire project.


  • Fix general user flow for not logged in users avoiding unnecessary cost.
    • Now, we don't waste resources when user uploads a file, instead they are required to login before upload begins.
  • Fix integration with BlazeMeter new authentication mechanism using Keycloak.

Brain changes

Migration changes

  • Migrating the code from Python 2.7 to 3.0 due to GCP requirements, and run associated regression test (fixing found bugs accordingly) to verify no semantic/functional change is introduced. 


  • Stop using custom code for YAML serialization which has caused many bugs and regression issues. 
  • Refactor code to use regex utility classes instead of custom code to handle regex escaping. This fixes existing issues with regex formatting and will avoid regression tests in this regard.
  • Add automated functional tests to increase coverage and safety net when doing releases.
  • Add support for referrer parameter in the function web_url‌ requested by customer(s).
  • Convert <extrares> parameter for web_submit_data requested by customer(s).


  • Batch conversion now ignores hidden folders. This issue affected Jacob when running batch on a Mac.
  • Fix encoding of header values to avoid special character error in Taurus.
  • Fix comparison logic in functional tests to support windows execution.
  • Fix empty function name raising error when being set as not supported.


  • Fix on-premise docker image missing YAML library dependency. This bug is only present on 1.5.2 release.
  • Timeout conversions when the processing takes more than a configured time. Timeout was in previous versions only applied to conversions, now it will work also for on-premise web conversions and for on-premise batch conversions. Additionally, a proper message has been included with directions for users to avoid such timeouts.


  • YAML dump rework to use library. Should fix most string manipulation issues that was caused by incorrect YAML characters.


  • Remove generated file when body data is large, all data is not added as Parameters.


  • Improvements

    • All the following C variables are now converted to user defined variables in the JMX file,

      • Char
      • Int
      • Double
      • Float
      • Pointers
      • Double Pointers
  • Bugs
    • Fixed issues when \= is found in the "web_reg_save_para_ex" function.

    • Fixed issue when Boolean values are applied to the Request names.
      For example: web_url("true","")


  • Improvements
    • Add support for web_set_max_retries
      • Validated with the follwoing use cases
        • web_set_max_retries("4");
        • web_set_max_retries(lr_eval_string("{test}"));
    • Add support for lr_param_sprintf
      • Currently supports values declared as Parameters in LR.
    • Add support for url parameters declared with < ; >


  • Improvements
    • Enhanced to do_while function, now supports
      • lr_eval_string invocation in condition
      • atoi invocation in condition
    • Updated Taurus version to 1.13.3

  • Fixes

    • Removed link expiration issues, now they will last indefinitely.
    • Hotfix for On-Prem / Private Cloud TruClient conversions
    • Fix issue where On-Prem would fail to generate selenium code on TruClient scripts
    • Fixed Taurus 1.13.3 for on-prem
    • Fix flaky regression tests


  • Improvement
    • Enhanced web_reg_save_param_ex:
      • Now supports variables in ordinal parameter
      • Now supports integers as ordinal value
      • Now supports ALL parameters
      • If the ordinal value is omitted or has trouble detecting the actual value, it will be the default value of 1.

    • Enhanced web_convert_param:
      • Now supports url to plain conversion
      • Now supports function when no SourceString is declared and variable is used in place.

    • Added variable declaration support for Parameter config:
      • Now supports the following parameter types:
        • Time
        • Userid
        • Custom
        • CurrentIteration
  • Bug
    • Fixed missing "Ordinals" in Extractors
      • Entered values from "Ordinal" parameters, and setting them to match_nr:
        INT, Variables and ALL. If for some reason we cant match any of those cases, the default value of 1 will be applied to the conversion.
  • Improvements
    • Hotfix for SoapUI conversions on the Private Clour/On-prem image.
    • Added automated Functional and Unit tests for multiple elements or functions.
    • Fixed issue with batch conversions, and functional tests causing data to carry over to next script conversion.
    • Fixed issue when running on windows machine, setting the .CSV limit too high causing overflow.
    • Fixed issue in groovy code generated for "web_convert_param" function.


  • Improvements
    • Added automated functional tests:

      • test_truclient_click
      • test_truclient_navigate
      • test_truclient_select
    • Added automated unit tests for:

      • global_configuration_element
      • http_request_element
  • Bugs
    • Fixed issue with pycparser when converting a function containing parameters with comments.


  • Improvements
    • Added test plan along with listed test
    • Added automated functional tests for specific functions
    • Added automated unit tests for indicated functions
  • Bugs
    • Fixed issue with batch conversions and functional tests causing data to carry over to next script conversion.
    • Fixed issue when running on windows machine, setting the CSV limit too high caused overflow.