Overcoming Container Storage Limitation

In the current Docker version, there is a default limitation on the Docker container storage of 10Gb.

As the BlazeMeter image is ~5 GB when the sample.jtl reaches ~5 GB, no more free storage will be left in the container. As there will be no more free storage, JMeter won't be able to continue writing samples to the sample.jtl and that can cause the report to be 'stuck'.

The solution is as follows:

Please run the next set of commands in all of your CentOS machines:

  1. sudo service docker stop
    sudo systemctl stop docker
  2. Create/edit the following file:
    with the following content:
    "storage-driver": "devicemapper",
    "storage-opts": [
  3. sudo rm -rf /var/lib/docker
  4. sudo service docker start
    sudo systemctl start docker
  5. Reinstall the Agent using the regeneration method detailed in the Installing the Agent article.

These changes will change the storage limitation in the container to 40 GB and after that, the test should run fine.

Important: You can also change the size to whatever you need, as long as your system has the disk space for it. For example, if you need 50 GB, enter 50G as the value for dm.basesize. Also, you will not be able to reduce the size once set, so if you make a mistake, you will need to reinstall Docker and our on-premise Agent.