Upgrading From an Legacy BlazeMeter (Supervisor) Agent to a New Dockerized Agent

This is a step-by-step guide on how to uninstall an existing Supervisor Agent (was Ship) and install a new Dockerized Agent (aka Ship).

Here are the required steps:

    1. Remove the old Private Location installation files with the following command:
      $ sudo rm -rf /home/blazemeter
    2. Stop the supervisor service, and remove it with the following commands:

      $ sudo service supervisord stop
      $ sudo yum -y remove supervisor

      $ sudo service supervisord stop
      $ sudo apt-get -y remove supervisor
    3. Verify that the supervisor service is removed:
      $ sudo service supervisord start
    4. The following response should appear:
    5. Before you can install the newest version of BlazeMeter's private location, please verify that the minimal Docker version installed on your machine is version 17.X.
    6. For more information on the minimal requirements for a successful ship installation, please read this knowledge base article - On-Premise System Requirements.
    7. Now follow the instructions on this How to Install the On-premise Agent (Ship). When done, the new BlazeMeter Dockerized Agent will be available.