Configure Firefox for Proxy Recording

After you have created a proxy recorder, you can start recording performance tests with Firefox, as described in this article.

On the left panel of the proxy recorder, you should be able to see all your proxy settings that you will need to enter in the following steps:


  1. Enter the 'Preferences' section in your browser.
    The following sample screenshot shows the respective menu on macOS:


  2. Select the section 'General', go to the 'Network Proxy' section, and click the 'Settings' button:


    The Connection Settings window opens.

  3. Select the option 'Manual Proxy configuration'.
    1. Enter the proxy details from the proxy recorder settings shown above, and press the 'OK' button.

      Note: Don’t include the colon and port number at the end and don't include the "http://" prefix):


  4. In your Firefox browser, enter the following URL:
    You'll see various OS options, including Windows, Apple.
  5. Select the one that you’re using:


    Tip: If you have an issue with the Windows or Apple certificate, you can also use the Other certificate here as well.

    A new window opens and prompts you to examine and trust the certificate.
  6. Choose and install the certificate:


  7. When prompted, enter a username and a password to authenticate to the recorder proxy. Find the username and password in the proxy settings shown in the beginning of this article.


  8. Return to your Recorder window/tab, and click that big red button at the bottom of your screen.

Now you are ready to start recording your session.