Set Up TDM Find & Reserve Model Integration

If you are a Test Data manager (TDM) user and you previously exported test data into CSV files to use it with BlazeMeter, the TDM Integration for BlazeMeter lets you connect to your data source directly, using your existing TDM Find & Reserve Models.

Important: BlazeMeter requires a Test Data Manager (TDM) server for this integration. Before you can use TDM data, you must set up your TDM connection as described in this article.


  • Latest version of the TDM server (TDM 4.9.1) installed
  • Existing Find & Reserve models for the data that you want to access from BlazeMeter. Create the models in the TDM Portal under "Tester Self-Service".
  • A TDM service account that has access to the TDM projects whose Find & Reserve Models you want to access from BlazeMeter
  • A UNIX/Linux machine (agent) that is reachable by BlazeMeter and the TDM server

Set Up TDM Find & Reserve Integration

A BlazeMeter Workspace Admin configures the following BlazeMeter settings to integrate BlazeMeter with a TDM server. All users in one workspace use the same generic TDM user account to connect. Avoid using TDM administrator credentials for the connection.

  1. Open Settings, Workspace.
  2. Click Credentials.
    1. Click Add New Credential., and select Test Data Manager (TDM).
    2. Define a Credentials Name that helps members identify which credentials they should choose for TDM.
    3. Enter Username and Password of a TDM service account.
    4. Click Create Credential.
  3. Click Private Locations.
    1. Click Add New Private Location, define a Location Name, and other properties of your choice. Click Next.
    2. Enable TDM integration. and other functionalities of your choice. Click Create.
    3. Click Add Agent.
    4. Enter the Name, and URL or IP Address of the TDM server.
      BlazeMeter generates installation commands.
    5. Select the appropriate installer tab for your agent (either Docker or Kubernetes) and click Copy Command.
    6. Connect to the agent machine, and paste and run the installation command on the command line.
      Docker installs and starts the agent.
    7. Wait for the process to complete.

      Tip: Check the agent status on the Private Location page on the BlazeMeter Settings page.

  4. Click TDM Connections.
    1. Click Add New Test Data Manager Connection.
    2. Define a Connection Name to help project members select the appropriate entry.
    3. Select the Private Location Agent that you just created.
    4. Select the Credential that you just created.
    5. Enter your TDM URL.
    6. Click Test Connection.
    7. Click Add Connection.

Manage TDM Connections

  1. Open Settings, Workspace.
  2. Click TDM Connections.
    If you have TDM Connections, they are listed.
  3. Manage your TDM Connections.
    • Use the Edit button to modify connection data, then click Update.
    • Use the Delete button to remove a connection for your user.