Test Revisions

API Monitoring & Testing: Test Revision History

Restoring previously saved versions of your API tests is straightforward and simple. Additionally, you can restore any of your test-specific environments to a previous configuration. Test Revision History is available to teams on qualifying BlazeMeter plans.

Important: You are able to see and access all revisions made after May 28, 2022. Prior to this time, all revisions were subject to a 90-day data retention policy.

To restore a test step or environment configuration:

  1. Select Revisions from your API test's sidebar navigation.
  2. Choose the test steps or environment version you would like and select Restore.
    Your API test steps or your test-specific environment configuration will be restored to that version.

Tip: Test steps and environment versions are restored interdependently of each other. If a test revision includes configuration changes for both test steps and environment, it's recommended to restore both versions of the configuration to avoid errors.

Important: While you're able to restore previous versions of an existing API test, deleted API tests and their test-specific environments cannot be recovered.