Test Data API

The Test Data API is used by all test types to store and generate test data. The API takes in a workspace ID and a model ID.

After you have defined a Data Model in a workspace, you can associate it with any Functional tests, Performance tests, and Mock Services in this workspace. You can use API calls to generate and supply test data during test execution.

The test data integration uses two separate APIs:

  • The Asset Repository API: A CRUD (create/read/update/delete) API to manage assets and asset metadata. Use the Asset Repository API to store test data, to organize assets into packages, and to manage dependencies between assets.

  • The Test Data API: Use the Test Data API to generate data for adhoc Data Models and for Data Models stored in the Asset Repository, to validate adhoc Data Models and Data Models in the Asset Repository, and to read or "publish" test data values as part of orchestration. To do that, the Test Data API references the Asset Repository API. The Test Data API also includes an introspection API to list available seed lists and test data generator functions.

You can generate data of a Data Model that is stored in the Asset Repository, or you can pass an adhoc Data Model inside a request to the generate endpoint. To generate data for one entity, use the generate endpoint; to generate data for all entities in the data model, use the /generatefile endpoint.