BlazeMeter for Runscope (API Monitoring) Users

Runscope users, welcome to BlazeMeter!

Runscope has been merged with BlazeMeter, but all the funcftionality you're already familiar with remains intact -- we've only added new features and functionality by merging our two tools. This guide will help you make sense of the changes so you can continue using Runscope features with minimal interruption.

Logging into BlazeMeter as a Runscope User

This section only pertains to the first time you login to BlazeMeter as a Runscope user.

  1. Login to Runscope normally. As soon as you do so, you will automatically be directed to your new BlazeMeter login screen.
  2. Reset your password. At the BlazeMeter login screen, you will be prompted to reset your existing Runscope password. This will only happen the first time you login.
  3. You're ready to go! Your existing Runscope login is now your BlazeMeter login.

What is BlazeMeter?

BlazeMeter is a commercial self-service load testing platform-as-a-service (PaaS) which is fully compatible with various popular testing tools, such as Apache JMeter, Selenium, K6 for example. BlazeMeter has now expanded to be able to accommodate your entire Continuous Testing Journey.

Whereas Runscope helps you test the correctness of an API, BlazeMeter can help you load-test the API by simulating countless numbers of virtual users simultaneously from multiple locations around the world.

Where is Runscope?

Once you setup your BlazeMeter account and login, you'll find the Runscope you're familiar with under the API Monitoring tab:

api monitoring tab runscope

From there, everything underneath the tab should look quite familiar:

api monitoring tab ui

All of Runscope lives under the API Monitoring tab within BlazeMeter. Simply continue using it as you always have -- but now you can enjoy the new features added by BlazeMeter.

Runscope Teams vs BlazeMeter Workspaces

As a result of Runscope merging with BlazeMeter into one combined tool, there is now a wider range of team and workspace memberships you can be granted. You can work within Runscope teams just as you always have, but you can now additionally and optionally join BlazeMeter testing workspaces. Teams and workspaces are wholly apart from each other and do not share any permissions.

For example:

  • Some settings specific to Runscope are in a separate menu apart from other BlazeMeter settings. After clicking the API Monitoring tab, look for a face icon under your name, like this:
  • BlazeMeter testing workspace membership is wholly separate from API Monitoring team membership.

    In other words, you are likely already familiar with how Runscope team membership works, as accessed via the familiar menu here:


    Now you can additionally join performance and functional testing workspaces, which are used from within their respective tabs:

    func perf tabs
    The important detail to remember is that BlazeMeter workspaces are wholly apart from API Monitoring teams and are accessed via their own menu:


We certainly understand that this division of user roles and permissions as presented here can take some getting used to. We're working on simplifying this functionality in future releases.

Ready to learn more? Then next, please check out our Getting Started guide.