Workspaces and Projects

Workspaces are designed to divide your account into separate sub-accounts, each with their own distinct set of assets and access control.

  • Each Workspace has it's own separate set of Tests, Reports, Projects, Shared Folders, APM Credentials, Private Locations and Dedicated IPs.
  • Users can navigate between workspaces but will only see the contents of one Workspace at a time. Think of this as using a badge to enter a room.
  • A user can be assigned a different role (Manager, Tester or Viewer) in each Workspace they have access to.

Use Multiple Workspaces or Just One?

  • Use multiple Workspaces if you want hard boundaries between different sets of assets and the ability to give one user different roles for different sets of assets (i.e. Tester in their own Workgroup and Viewer in others).
  • Use just one Workspace if you want to share all assets across all users.
  • Usage is tracked at both the Workspace and Project level, so either method of organization can be used if usage tracking is one of your goals.

Projects are designed to organize tests and reports and track usage within a Workspace.

  • A Test and all of its Reports belong to a Project.
  • If a Workspace is like a room you enter with a badge, a project is like a rack or whiteboard on the wall in that room:
    • Lists of "all tests" and "all reports" will show tests belonging to all projects in the current Workspace.
    • Choosing a Project from the Project drop-down menu displays a list of tests in that Project.
  • Tests can be moved from one Project to another by choosing "Move this test to..." on its Test Configuration screen.

How to Add Members to a Workspace

Only the Workspace's manager can add members to the Workspace.

The Workspace manager can only add new members from the account his Workspace is under. He can’t add members that are not part of the account. For more information about how to add new members to your Account, see How to Invite Additional Users to a BlazeMeter Account.

Log in to your BlazeMeter account and click the Cog icon in the top right corner of the screen to open the Settings. Then go to Settings > Workspace > Users.

Click the '+' button:

Choose the user you would like to add and click the 'Add' button.

Workspace owners can assign the following roles to members of their Workspaces:

    • Viewer - Can only view reports.
    • Tester - Can create, edit, delete, and run tests and reports, projects, APM credentials and view Private Locations, Dedicated IPs and Usage Reports.
    • Manager - Same as a tester but can also add and remove members from the Workspace, create and delete alerts, and create, edit, and delete Private Locations.

To assign roles, go to Settings > Workspace > Users, and edit the user you want:

Choose the role you want from the dropdown menu:

Note that you can also Disable or Enable a user's access to the Workspace, this is BlazeMeter's equivalent of deleting a user.

Once you disable a user, he will be removed from the Workspace's Users list. Use the 'Show Disabled' ON/OFF button to view disabled users.

How to Add a New Project

First, make sure you are in the Workspace you like to add the Project. You can change Workspaces in the dropdown menu in the top right corner of the screen.


Click the Projects dropdown button and click the Create new project button.


Now just give it a name and click Create Project.

How to create a Test in a Project

If you want to create a new test in an existing project, you can either click Create Test, or select the relevant project from the Projects dropdown menu in the top left side of the screen as your current one and then create a new test.


In the example above, the project is called 'Guy's Awesome Project' and has been chosen from the 'Second Workspace' Workspace. This means that the new test will be added to 'Guy's Awesome Project', and members of the 'Second Workspace' Workspace will be able to either view, edit, share and delete that test - unless they do not have the necessary permissions to do so.

For more information about how to migrate a test between Projects within the same Workspace, see Duplicate, Delete, or Move a Performance Test and GUI Functional Testing - Overview.