Errors Report

The Errors tab contains the errors that were received by the web-server under the test as a result of HTTP request. The report displays all errors received during the test run, categorized by labels (pages) and error types.

View Errors Report

Follow these steps:

  1. In the Performance tab, select Reports. The most recent reports are shown on top.
  2. Click Show all reports and select a report to view its details.
  3. Click the Errors tab.

    errors report

    You can see all errors received during the test run.

  4. (Optional) Move the timeline sliders or Filter by Date and Time to narrow down the time. The results for your selected time period will show in the results table.

  5. Group errors by:
    • Label
    • Response Code
    • Assertion Name

group errors

Types of Errors

We report these types of errors:

  • Top requests
  • Assertions
  • Failed embedded resources

For each error, the following information displays:

  • Response code
  • Response message
  • Number of failed requests

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