Ignore Labels in Reports

To not display specific labels or requests in your Performance Test results, use the prefix _#ignore in front of the label. The prefix is underscore, number sign, and the word "ignore", followed by one space character.

Use one of the following two methods to ignore labels: 


To ignore the label in a JMeter script, insert the prefix in the sampler's name: _#ignore <label_name>

The entire marked label is ignored in reports. Calculations for the overall average and 90% percentile do not take this label into account. Errors on these labels are not reported.


  • CORRECT: _#ignore myLabel

  • INCORRECT: myLabel_#ignore

  • INCORRECT: _#ignoremyLabel

URL/API Test example:

URL/API Test example


To ignore the label in Taurus, wrap your JMX script into a Taurus YAML file.

  1. Wrap your JMX into a Taurus yaml file. For more information, see Convert Existing JMX File into Taurus YAML (gettaurus.org).

  2. Include the ignore-labels keyword. For more information, see Generating Test Reports (gettaurus.org).
    ignore-labels: # sample labels from this list
    - ignore # will be ignored by results reader
  3. Create a BlazeMeter test from this YAML file as described in Creating a Taurus Test.

    The label will not show up in the Request Stats Report, but calculations for the overall average and 90% percentiles do include these labels. Also, errors in these ignored labels are reported on in the error report.