Upload a Custom user.properties File

Any part of a JMeter script can be customized by JMeter Properties, starting from look and feel, timestamps, log levels, output file formats and ending with low-level parameters of underlying libraries like HTTP Client timeouts, bind addresses, and so on, used for different protocols connections.

You can upload your own user.properties file to your BlazeMeter test configuration. Make sure there are local file path references to the user.properties file, then BlazeMeter will automatically pick it up when the test executes. For more information about how to attach the file to the test, see Uploading Files.

Tip: As an alternative, you can configure JMeter properties directly in the BlazeMeter UI. For more information, see JMeter Properties.

Which Features Does a user.properties File Control?

Configure the user.properties file to alter the following features (ref. JMeter Version 3.3).

  • XML Parser

  • SSL configuration

  • Look and Feel configuration

  • Toolbar display

  • JMX Backup configuration

  • Remote hosts and RMI configuration

  • Include Controller

  • HTTP Java configuration

  • Apache HttpClient common properties

  • Kerberos properties

  • Apache HttpClient logging examples

  • Apache HttpComponents HTTPClient configuration (HTTPClient4)

  • HTTP Cache Manager configuration

  • Results file configuration

  • Settings that affect SampleResults

  • Upgrade

  • JMeter Test Script recorder configuration

  • Test Script Recorder certificate configuration

  • JMeter Proxy configuration

  • HTML Parser configuration

  • Remote batching configuration

  • JDBC Request configuration

  • OS Process Sampler configuration

  • TCP Sampler configuration

  • Summariser - Generate Summary Results - configuration (mainly applies to non-GUI mode)

  • Aggregate Report and Aggregate Graph - configuration

  • BackendListener - configuration

  • BeanShell configuration

  • MailerModel configuration

  • CSVRead configuration

  • time() function configuration

  • CSV DataSet configuration

  • LDAP Sampler configuration

  • Miscellaneous configuration

  • Classpath configuration

  • Reporting configuration

  • Additional property files to load

  • Thread Group Validation feature

  • Timer related feature

  • Naming Policy

You can customize these JMeter Properties in the user.properties file for your needs. For more information, see the official Apache JMeter Properties guide.