Live Remote Control for JMeter Properties

While you can set JMeter properties directly in BlazeMeter, you may also want to change the behavior of your test while the test is running. BlazeMeter allows you to remotely change the value of any JMeter property in real-time, using the Remote Control feature.

Tip: For advanced real-time scenarios such as increasing users, adding load, or ramping down users at a certain point during or in between execution, use either the Concurrency Thread Group or the Ultimate Thread Group in JMeter and adjust parameters dynamically. For details, see How to Change JMeter┬┤s Load During Runtime.

Update JMeter Properties

Follow these steps:

  1. Add one or more properties to the JMeter Properties section of your test configuration.
  2. Start your test.
  3. When the test report appears, click the Run Time Control button at the top-right and click Remote Control.

    Note: The button is only available while the test is running and will disappear after the test completes.

    runtime control

  4. The Remote Control Live window appears, listing all JMeter properties available for updating. This by default includes all scenarios in all locations. For more details, see Advanced Features.

    remote control live

  5. Enter a new value for each property you want to update and click Send to update the property on all engines.

    new value

Advanced Features

Remote Control for Multi-Tests

Remote Control works for both single tests and multi-tests. If a test has multiple scenarios, the default option for the Remote Control Live window is to show all properties for all scenarios. This is especially useful for a multi-test in which various single tests have different properties to adjust.

Filter JMeter Properties

For tests / multi-tests with multiple scenarios, you can filter the Remote Control Live window to show JMeter properties that only relate to a specific scenario and/or location. Use the Scenario and/or Location filters in the top-right corner of the test report before clicking the Remote Control button.

scenario location filters

Add New JMeter Properties

Apart from modifying existing properties, you can also add new JMeter properties.

Follow these steps:

  1. In the Remote Control Live window, in the New Key row, click Select Scenario.
  2. From the drop-down list, select the scenario (in a multi-scenario test) to which you want to add the new property.
    select scenario
  3. Fill out the remaining fields for the New Key row.
  4. Click Add.
  5. Click Send.

Other Live Features

There are more options you can adjust while running a test beyond JMeter properties. See the following guides for some more options you can adjust mid-test:

  • If you want to modify your Requests Per Second (RPS) on the fly, see the Changing RPS Limits 'On The Fly' section of the Load Configuration guide.
  • When executing a multi-test, you can add users dynamically to adjust the load while the test is in progress. For more information, see Adding Users Dynamically.