New Relic Integrations

Learn how BlazeMeter integrates with the New Relic observability platform to provide insight on application and infrastructure performance during and after load testing.

BlazeMeter supports several integrations with New Relic:

You can combine multiple profiles in a test configuration. For example, you can combine one or more New Relic Infrastructure profiles with other APM profiles (including New Relic APM) in the same test.

New Relic APM

New Relic is an industry leader in the field of application performance management (APM), the monitoring and management of the performance and availability of software applications. The BlazeMeter integration with New Relic enables developers to easily monitor their application performance levels while load testing. You can evaluate the end-user experience and application system KPIs (Key Performance Indexes) using a single dashboard.

The New Relic APM integration lets you diagnose performance-related problems, apply fixes, and restart the cycle as needed.

You can view your application monitoring data alongside your end-user experience and performance data, and access this data after testing ends.

New Relic Infrastructure

New Relic provides visibility into your infrastructure, from services running in the cloud or on dedicated hosts to containers running in orchestrated environments. You can connect the health and performance of all your hosts to application context.

The New Relic Infrastructure integration lets you view your infrastructure monitoring data alongside your application performance data in aggregated reports. This integration provides a snapshot of the health of your host ecosystem and the impact your infrastructure has on your applications under test.

View New Relic KPIs in Timeline Report

You can view your application and infrastructure monitoring data alongside your user-experience and performance data in timeline reports during or at any time after test runs. With BlazeMeter, you can always access past test data, compare between past results or even compare past results to real time results.

New Relic infrastructure and APM monitoring data in the timeline report

New Relic Insights Into API Monitoring

By connecting New Relic with BlazeMeter API Monitoring, you can collect metrics from your API tests in BlazeMeter, and transform them into actionable insights about your applications in New Relic.